Premium quality meat products

Foodex, Pakistan’s exclusive exporter of fresh and frozen meat products with over 12+ years of experience.

Strategically headquartered in Karachi, Foodex manages whole production process from livestock farming to meat exports passing through slaughtering, cutting processing and packaging operated by skilled and dedicated professionals who are trained in their respective fields.

Looking forward, our strategy is driving us for global expansion across Middle East. In order to achieve, Foodex has a full range of products that meets customer's specification such as fresh or frozen carcass and primal cuts in compliant packaging produced under hygienic conditions with veterinary checks and Halal compliance so that animals stay healthy and disease free.

Foodex offer its customers the most tempting fooding experience possible.

Our Mission

To offer most efficient and competitive meat supply chain solutions for global suppliers.

Our Vision

To build global network of customers by offering them valuable meat products.

Our Commitment

With profound market knowledge, we provide par-excellence, veterinary certified and consistent supply of varied products at exceptional value.

Our Future Goals

We have invested time effort and financial resources as well to impart training in modern livestock management techniques to the locals for improved results
in animal health and better yields. A medical expert in veterinary sciences is attached to such terms. In the longer term, we have active plans to invest in our livestock industry.
Studies and discussions are already underway with local and international experts in the field to select land and facilities that will provide ideal livestock management.

Foodex has grown its distribution network to support its customers in Karachi and Lahore.

Foodex has grown its distribution network to serve its international customers better. The company is positioned in the industry as a vertically integrated company with a presence in both the major cities, Karachi and Lahore, taking an edge in accessing all major
animal markets countrywide and all international airports and seaports throughout Pakistan.


Our Accreditations

Proud to be affiliated with food and export associations